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Technology Solutions and Services

Everyday people rely on technology for the information they need to make smart decisions – VariAware helps develop this technology.

Innovation through

VariAware works directly with Non-Profit organizations and community members – getting information and insights directly from those who know the needs of vulnerable individuals. This helps our team ensure that the technology they develop directly meets their
unique needs.

Improving the Lives of
those in Need

From simple location tracking devices to life saving alerts, VariAware technology solutions make a big impact. We understand the importance of using technology to our advantage in improving the lives of vulnerable individuals.

Web Applications

We take a modern approach to designing and developing web applications that responds to user behavior and environments – adjusting based on the screen size, platform and orientation

Mobile Applications

Our team has the capability to develop and design native and hybrid mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices with intuitive user interfaces.


Wearable technology devices have become a vital part of many peoples lives. VariAware utilizes this technology to help track or inform those who correspond with vulnerable individuals to help improve their safety and wellbeing.

Technical Consulting

The VariAware team has experience working with both tech savvy and non-technical individuals who have an express need and are able to develop unique solutions that are impactful and user-friendly.

User Experience

From the user interface through the technology used, our solutions are tested and proven to ensure that they are beneficial, effective and intuitive for their intended users.

System Integration

By understanding technology problems and integration issues we can combine those with user and business goals – engineering multiple systems, subsystems and components to create a valuable solution.

The Value Unlock Brand Family

Get in Touch

Do you have an idea for an application that could improve the lives of those you care for or just want to share your thoughts?


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